About AcuSound™

AcuSound™ is the powerful combination of acupuncture and vibrational sound therapy in one. AcuSound™ is practiced in a group setting with an expert licensed acupuncturist and certified sound healers.

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Participants relax in a group setting to receive auricular acupuncture to three prominent acupuncture points in the ear: 

1) Shenmen: helps to calm the mind, reduces stress and allows us to ease into a Delta State (deep relaxation state)

2) Point Zero: helps to bring our body back towards homeostasis, grounds and centers our energy

3) Sympathetic: moves us out of the flight or flight response, increases circulation, balances the nervous system

Together, these points can help to: 

  • Reduce pain

  • Promote healing

  • Improve physical, mental, and emotional health

  • Balance the energy in the body leaving you feeling grounded and rejuvinated

  • Enhance the benefits of your sound bath by guiding your body to a more open, activated state


Sound therapy

A Sound Bath, a laying down meditative experience, is accompanied during the acupuncture process. The acupuncture needles act as an extra receiver to the sound frequencies and vibrations that promotes deep healing and restoration within the body.

  • 432hz frequencies from crystal bowls and tuning forks activate the energy centers in the body, realigning cells that are vibrating out of sync

  • Specific sequences activate the Nitrous Oxide cycle within the body that promote cell restoration and the body’s natural healing cycles

  • Promotes better sleep, relaxation, regulates mood and energy, enhances neural pathways, and reduces chronic stress

  • Realigns the mind, body, and spirit

What to bring:

A yoga mat to lay on, blanket, pillow, water, and any other comfort items for 90 minutes of relaxation.


Drink plenty of water throughout the rest of the day as the toxins leave your body.
Side affects may include feelings of pure bliss, joy, rejuvenation, relaxation, clarity & focus
Zen out.


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